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In New Zealand there has been a dramatic increase in high density housing and apartments, and according to the World Health Organisation, noise is threatening to become one of the world’s greatest health issues. 

Studies show the health effects of noise stress can effect a person in many ways. The World Health Organisation states that we are continuously exposed to about 55 decibels for most of the day and some of the side effects caused from untreated noise can include:


  • Tinnitus

  • Diminished communication skills

  • Sleep disorders

  • Heart arrhythmia

  • Diminished or lost productivity

  • Negative emotions


Noise is a very real problem and for all your soundproofing requirements, we have acoustic products and solutions for you! 


Based in Auckland, New Zealand we distribute world class barriers and absorbers for noise control in walls, floors, roofs, ceilings and machinery enclosures. Our products are designed to be used in both the construction, manufacturing, agricultural, engineering and marine industry. Selected products have even been used as soundproofing in cars and trucks with great results!

Incorporating ‘Green Chemistry’ principles our biofoam products are designed and engineered to deliver exceptional performance due to their patented micro-cellular membrane developed, tested and manufactured in Australia by the award winning company 'Acoustica'. We have NZGBC Greentag certification for both Quietwave and selected flooring products.


Exceeding NZBC - G6 Airborne and Impact Noise minimum requirements our noise barriers isolate noise and dampen sound vibration to increase sound transmission loss. 










acoustic wall barrier, noise control, acoustic insulation, soundproofing
Acoustic organic product, noise control, acoustic insulation

'Acoustica' QuietWave® is a high performance drywall noise barrier that uses a 100% organic rubberised material to dampen the transfer of sound through a wall, floor or ceiling. 

QuietWave® is the world's highest rating environmental sound barrier.

It is a high performance drywall noise barrier that delivers exceptional performance due to it’s patented constrained layer membrane.

It produces the same effect in Sound Transmission Loss (STL) as adding 30 kg/m² of plasterboard to a wall. It allows acoustic walls to be half the thickness of standard construction. It can be used for floors, ceilings and doors as well as in the marine market and is manufactured from 40% organic waste products. Unlike traditional oil -based viscoelastic noise barriers which are mass loaded with PVC or ethylene and include harmful plasticisers, QuietWave® is a water based noise barrier that contains other naturally occurring organic materials and is fully biodegradable. Quietwave comes in a roll and is just 1.2mm thick.


6 star AAAC acoustic performance - the highest rating drywall system available. 

Tests carried out by PKA Acoustics have resulted in an indicative sound performance using a typical QuietWave® wall construction system= Rw62 (Rw + Ctr 56 *)


















Quietwave Drywall Barrier - Visco Elastic Membrane                                       Quietwave being manufactured 

Noise control, sound insulation


'Acoustica' AngelStep® Acoustic Underlay for the Treatment of Impact and Airborne Noise transfer through Floors


AngelStep® is an acoustic underlay for use under carpet and solid timber, engineered or laminate floating floors.

AngelStep’s construction combines a highly effective support and cushion for floating floors.

It provides maximum performance for minimum thickness combining an impact and vibration damping and sound absorber with a decoupled noise barrier.

The Angelstep range is manufactured to provide outstanding acoustic performance, will last the life of the building and is fire rated to international standards

Angelstep tiles comes in 4 different application types

Angelstep 48P - can be used on both timber and concrete substrates

Angelstep 484P - for use on a timber substrate

Angelstep Gold 8 - can be used on both timber and concrete substrates















Pictured above from left to right:   Angelstep Gold 8, Angelstep 85 (discontinued), Angelstep 48P, Angelstep 484P                                                                  




'Acoustica' NoiseShield® is a rigid laminate noise barrier and vibration damping material which has been specifically engineered for machinery enclosures, machinery rooms and other vibrating machinery.


NoiseShield® is ideal to reduce machinery, compressor and engine noise in manufacturing, agricultural and the industrial sector.


NoiseShield® has a unique material construction which unlike many other insulation materials results in high sound absorption coupled with resilience and compression loading capability.

It effectively treats the often combined phenomena of vibrations, sound transmission and sound reverberation encountered with most noise problems in the 100 - 5000 Frequency (Hz) range.

It is an extremely robust aluminium faced insulation with an indefinite life that is unaffected by oil, water, hydrolysis and vibration; it does not shed fibres nor will it delaminate.


Service Temperature: -50 to 120C (no direct contact with heat source) - fire rated to international standards


Noiseshield comes in sheets and 2 different thicknesses are available.

















Pictured above: Noiseshield 848F                                                      Pictured above: Noiseshield 48F





Machinery room noise control vibration damping
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